SmugMug versus ZenFolio, Photoshelter, Flickr, 500px, Picasa, ...


To create our online photo gallery that allows users to buy the images (incl. downloads) directly on our site, we tested quite a few sites:

Our winner was Smugmug. And here are some of the reasons:

  • Responsive design—adapts to mobile, tablets, and monitors and allows the purchase of downloads even on a mobile device.
  • We control the pricing the amount we make per print/download.
  • Unlimited photo uploads
  • Adobe Lightroom plugin
  • Use of own domain
  • Custom watermarks
  • SEO optimized

So if you are looking for an online gallery that allows you to sell your images, give Smugmug a try. They have a 14 days trial and if you use this coupon code link, you are eligible for a 20% discount.


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