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Do you offer digital negatives?

Many people have misconceptions about what digital negatives are. Providing images on disc is what’s known in the industry as “shoot & burn”. As you probably know, "shoot & burn" is slang for photographing a wedding and burning it straight to CD/DVD or Thumb-Drive without any or only minor post-processing. Some vendors might even call these deliverables "fully edited."  While digital files may be important to you – as professional photographers – we want you to proudly display your wedding art.

To be clear, digital negatives are NOT the images you see on our website, in our slideshows, social media accounts, albums or our wall-art reproductions. All the images we show proudly are "master edits." We are happy to add add the master edits to the digital negatives collection, if the images are included in products (wall art, albums, ...) your purchase from us.

Digital Negatives do not include typical requested edits like retouching of skin, removal of distractions, color changes and usually have an image resolution that allows you to make good prints only up to 8x10"/8x12". While some of our wedding packages provide you with digital negatives of your wedding, you will see that the experience and the quality you will receive at the drug stores, grocery chains and online photo labs will not allow you to be proud of your special day.

Hiring a full-service photographer who will composite, color-correct, retouch, crop and polish the images is key to a great experience for you and your family. As artists and professional photographers, we spend days editing the images from your special day to make you shine. We only use the most professional labs to print your wedding art and everything less would not do justice to your one-in-a-lifetime wedding!

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